DomainsBot Domain Suggestion Rest API Documentation

Getting started

Thank you for choosing us to provide valuable and relevant domain suggestion to your users.

To get started obtain your API Key from the administration console of your account.

You can integrate the domain spinner API on your site in two ways:

  • Using the JSON rest API directly. Check the API Documentation, get the client code for your language from GitHub and start coding immediately.
  • Using any of the client code packages we have already prepared for you. Check on the sections below.

API General Information

Use our Spinner API to provide relevant available domain suggestions on your website and turn every lookup into a registration.

Our API is RESTful and can be queried with a simple HTTP GET.

Responses are delivered in JSON.

Client libraries are available for many languages: Check out the clients page.

Suggestions are sorted by quality and relevance, listing the best available domains always on top.

API End Point and path

Status codes:

200 OK Your request processed successfully.
403 Forbidden Your API key is invalid, missing, or has exceeded its quota.
500 Internal Server Error Your request cannot be processed. It could be an error on our side or an invalid parameter. Please check the “error” field in the response.

Availability check:

The domains returned are checked against local zone file copies. Zone files are refreshed daily. Some registered domains may not be included in the zone files and can therefore appear as available when they’re not. We strongly recommend to double check the returned domains before showing them as available to the end user.